How I Use Automation ?

I am already living in the Future Home !!!

Hello Everyone, This Guru Aswath  Gurunathan Director HASHh Automations here’s today I can tell you how that I am using smart automation in the day to day activities 

The morning when I Wake up in the morning my phone is automatically charged with the help of routines  at the time 3 am in the morning the routine triggers the charger socket Smart Outlet and on the mobile charger after 2 hours the charger has been turned off so that I can save the power and mobile or laptop battery can be extended 

After wake up, the next action will be when I tell google hey google good morning the google triggers my fan or ac to off state and turn on the night light and finally turn on the bathroom light 

After finishes brushing when I leave my room hey google I am going downstairs so automatically my lights will turn off 

Then I will turn on my tv hey turn on the tv in the hall and it turns on then I will watch some YouTube videos after 30 min  I will turn off my tv using google and again go upstairs and if needed will Tell hey google turn on the heater else will go for a bath and go for my work 

After leaving my house with my location (set to 100 meters radius ) google will turn off the appliances which I configured previously this same applies to my parents too

When I will finish my work returning home my appliances will be turned automatically using my mobile location (set to 100 meters radius ) 

For example, when I reach home my portico light, staircase light and bedroom lights will automatically turn on 

Even my AC turned on to set the nominal temperature 

After I settled in the bed will say hey google good night 

So google automatically turns off all the lights and other appliances 

# Switching Reinvented

To be continued…