Smart Switches

Well, I am Rithwinn Sivaprakash, an aspiring Global Finance Professional. My Side hustle is to learn, understand and try out the latest tech. Well certainly when i was desperate to automate my home with smart assistants, I couldn’t find any Reliable and trust worthy brands for automating my home, Well at least my Room in the beginning. Then Like a god struck figure came the Hashh Automations which, to be frank i didn’t know what it was.

Then once i was given a demo, by the sales Executive at my place, I was like….! how could it be so simple as this.. When i was searching all over the Internet and couldn’t find an easy to use Home Automation device. They Completely transformed my room to a automated Room…. All the existing switches are now either controlled by their Mobile Application “HASHh Connect” or through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa. Well I was more of an Apple Guy and want to be able to control my Smart home with my Favourite Assistant Siri and Voila…!! they are working Closely with Apple now to make it Possible… Hopefully on speaking with the company’s Founder, I came to know that the Testing and training of Siri is done and they are in the Certification Process with Apple. Once they get Apple’s Nod, then Siri will also be available.

It was mind blowing in the beginning to experience such transformation in the beginning and also because of their regular OTA Updates, we are getting new features to try out.

Now, Let me tell u how great and useful these Smart Switches are for me and my family at home…

Well i am so lazy to turn off my switches at times because of which my dad scold me a lot.. Thankfully The HASHh Smart switch has Routine Feature which Switches off and On the Lights, Fan, AC & Plug Points on the set times automatically. So no Worries, in case you have forgotten to Turn off the appliances. Also the Crazy feature that we get from their Smart Switches are Scenes Settings.. When i Leave my room, I say to alexa, bye and the Scene Engine of HASHh Smart Switches turns off all the Running Appliances at once. When i Return Back, I say Alexa, Back Home and it turns on my Light and Fan instantaneously.

With the HASHh Smart Switches we have the freedom to control multiple devices at once. Since, I am close with the Top Executive of the Company, I got to know that, they are working on various Smart Home Products, Such as Smart Curtains, Motion Sensor, Smart Video Door Camera, Smart Locks, Smart Lights, Smart Fans and so on.

Think and see, when we will be able to lock the doors and look at who is at the Main Door with the Help of Alexa, Siri & Google Assistants… also the power to lock the Doors and close the Curtains and gates with just “hey Siri, Good Night”.

Well, Now that i have installed their products at home, i have forgotten the Switches at my room.

Well, That is all for Today, Will be Posting more on the coming Days… with the Actual Hands On and Review of the Products and the Installation helps and Guides for those curious and Savvy Techies…

Thats All for the Day…. Have a Great Day…… Happy HASHhing…