We analyzed the job posting history of the nearly 57,000 companies in the FlexJobs database to identify the top 100 companies that posted the most remote jobs throughout 2021. It isn’t just translator jobs that will favor those who are bilingual. Language skills will be in high demand across many industries, including the medical sector, education and customer service, and the list goes on. Digital marketing was also listed as one of the top 15 jobs on the rise in 2021 based on LinkedIn data. If you have experience in this arena, or are looking to make a pivot, digital marketing is an excellent field to explore. It’s no wonder the marketing and PR space is increasingly focused on digital marketing as a major strategy.

  • That’s the trend we’re going in, which is exciting if you’re eager to work remotely.
  • Virtual Vocations’ jobs board features telecommuting positions in job fields like technical writing and paralegal and is run by an entirely remote team.
  • They have the liberty to choose their schedules and work as per their timelines.
  • If you’re one of them, these cities have everything you need to thrive.

This means that it consists of a combination of in-office and remote work. So, when applying for a remote job, make sure to confirm it is 100% remote. Just like any other job search, finding a remote job presents its own set of challenges, the first one might be understanding coding the jargon around it. As e-commerce has skyrocketed amid COVID-19, many companies are in need of customer service representatives. In this common WFH job, you assist customers, place orders or reservations and problem solve over the phone, e-mail or chat.

Your remote range shouldn’t stray far from that, as you’ll be doing the same work, just in a location or environment conducive to your success. In the “year of the IPO”, there has been such a strong focus on companies being able to sustain hypergrowth at all costs. Regardless of “product market fit”, companies achieving hypergrowth require a world class marketing/growth team to enable their success. RemoteOK lists companies in order of the frequency that they post remote roles to its platform. Working remotely doesn’t mean you would need fewer skills to get the job done.

With remote jobs, there are no colleagues, meaning no distractions can interfere with your work. Numerousremote working statisticsindicate this to be of vital importance for the general productivity of the worker. You’re free to work at your own pace, taking brakes as often as you like, depending on the type of remote jobs. The only important thing is that enough work is completed by the end of the day.

Yes, social media management is more than watching cat videos on Facebook all day and hitting the like button every once in a while. You need to be able to set up social media strategies and successfully implement them. Unlike accounting, many bookkeeping jobs don’t require you to have a certain degree or certification. That means that even if you have a different background, you can become a virtual bookkeeper if you are reliable, detail-oriented, and trustworthy.

Social Media

Maybe the idea of a new venture appeals to you, and perhaps that includes running a business. And maybe you don’t want to start from scratch, but rather jump into a business that already has a… Many of the offers appearing on this site are from advertisers from which this website receives compensation for being listed here. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site . These offers do not represent all available deposit, investment, loan or credit products. Translators who work online might be employed by a translating company, or translate news stories and articles, web pages, and books.

  • Medical writing is a popular remote career for those who have specialized, technical writing knowledge.
  • Thanks to sites like Lending Club and Prosper, you can easily lend money to a business or individual.
  • If you see something that employers needn’t know about, exclude it from the version you’ll be sending.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that web developers and digital designers have a median salary of $77,200 per year.
  • It’s free to browse full-time and contract positions in the active jobs directory.

There will always be a need for HR, especially in an increasingly remote world. It takes a new approach, and a new kind of thinking to manage remote teams, and what better way to learn how to manage a remote team than by working remotely yourself? From recruiting to operations, you may be surprised how many world-renowned large corporations are opening up doors to the “gig economy” and post on job boards on WeWorkRemotely or Workew.

Most of the people now prefer to work from the comfort of their homes. There is a large assortment of remote job careers available with a single click of a button. Writers can browse freelance and full-time opportunities at ProBlogger for free. You can apply https://mtnways.com/2020/11/16/get-started-with-a-free-8-hour-ndg-linux-unhatched/ for jobs from blogs, companies, and agencies across various niches. New listings are posted frequently, so check several times a week to find the latest gigs. With over 13,000 jobs posted, We Work Remotely is the largest remote community in the world.

Freelance Writer

In order to deliver the most accurate service to customers, search engines pay individuals to analyze search results. You don’t need to have much experience, and you can haul in $12 to $15 an hour. Some small- to medium-sized businesses don’t have the budget for a dedicated chief marketing officer, a vice president of marketing or even a public relations firm. But they may have the funds to hire a virtual public relations representative to take care of duties like promoting a business or managing a crisis. If you’re a registered nurse, then you could work for health insurers or health management companies like Humana, Aetna and UnitedHealth Group. They hire nurses remotely to handle case management, treatment authorization and patient education. The COVID-19 pandemic has also changed many companies’ and bosses’ perspectives on remote work.

  • Bed Bath and Beyond, Inc. is seeking a highly motivated, pro-active, resourceful, and results-oriented individual with a high level of enthusiasm and passion for retail marketing.
  • But while extroverts get their energy from being surrounded by others, introverts need some quiet time alone to recharge their batteries.
  • If you’re a “people person” with more of a business background and/or great communication skills, and you want to earn high pay while working remotely, account management is a strong option to consider.
  • They understand the wants and needs of potential customers — and they’re great at explaining how their company can fulfill those needs.

There are many scammers out there who are always preying on unsuspecting job seekers. So, you should always do your homework before committing to any available remote job openings. You see, instead of providing a marketplace where freelancers can big for projects, Fiverr gives job seekers the upper hand. That means its freelancers are the ones who first get to post their service offers, and then employers proceed by “buying” them.

Best Travel Insurance Companies

A freelance blogger or content writer is responsible for researching and writing relevant content on topics such as world news, current events, best career fields to get remote jobs sports, design, entertainment, or technology. Duties include researching new topics, pitching ideas to editors, and SEO optimization.

It may not be possible for all the industries to offer remote jobs in the same manner as others. Considering this, you should focus to secure a job in some of the top-most industries that offer remote jobs to their employees.

After becoming a software engineering, you can also progress from an individual contributor role into a leadership role, such as software development manager/team lead, while still working remotely. Project management is a high-paying role with job duties that can be done remotely in many industries. Project managers coordinate with multiple teams/people to ensure a project is completed successfully. Their duties include managing project timelines, budgets, quality of work, and more, while delegating the day-to-day work to others.

With the new year now underway, the list of jobs that can be done without leaving your house continues to grow. If you have teaching experience in a classroom, as a coach, or even as a tutor, you could start your online English-teaching career right from your living room. Teaching English as a second/foreign language (TESL/TEFL) is a popular side gig for education professionals.

best career fields to get remote jobs

Run downstairs to put a meal on or change the laundry, take a nap in your own bed on your breaks, or grab a walk before work, remote work creates an AMAZING quality of life. It was a nightmare, and I eventually quit to work full-time online.

Sales Representative

Some companies require a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, but experience from a community college or entry-level jobs can also help you enter the field. Working remotely is an increasingly popular choice among those who want more flexibility in their work.

best career fields to get remote jobs

Alternatively, some freelancers are able to set their own prices and earn even higher salaries. Remote roles do not necessarily pay a higher or lower salary than in-office roles. The salary you receive will depend upon the company you work for, the role you’re in, your skills, your field, and your personal career trajectory. The best remote job for you will be the one that aligns with your skillset and professional interests. Fortunately, more companies have begun offering work-from-home opportunities, which may make it easier to find a remote position. The downsides of remote jobs don’t seem as big of a deal when you have flexibility. We all like to have freedom, so being able to choose when and where you work is huge.

Best Remote Jobs 2022

While many online computer jobs require advanced technical skills, not every position will necessitate additional training and education. There are plenty of easy work-from-home computer jobs available for entry-level remote workers. Depending on your interests and skillset, you might try working as a virtual assistant, remote data entry clerk, or online “odd job” worker. Mobile developers create mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.

Businesses want to make sure that their websites are intuitive and easy to navigate. As such, they’ll assign instructions for people to follow to check out their site. This is pretty much the same position as an in-house recruiter except you get to work wherever you want. The other major difference is that you search the web to find the right employee for the right position. You’re also responsible for screening the applicant and being a part of the interviewing and negotiation process. Some recruiters are paid upward of $125 an hour for building resume templates. Despite the fact that there are numerous travel sites that make planning a trip a breeze, it can still be time-consuming.

Prior to COVID-19, remote work was already increasing in popularity. In 2018, 3.6 percent of U.S. workers worked remotely at least half the time, and remote work has soared 159 percent since 2005, according toFlexJobs. “It really comes down to an individual’s self-discipline and managers allowing their team to just get work done without micromanaging,” Pottebaum says. With a gorgeous user interface and extensive information about all the companies and jobs they feature, The Muse makes job working at home searching feel easy. If you’re an analytical thinker, you may enjoy a career as a database administrator. They troubleshoot database issues, retrieve data, and make sure that proprietary company information is secure. Bachelor’s degree in information technology or related field and the ability to quickly become proficient in new technologies.

Especially if you’re looking to bring in some extra cash on top of your day job, part-time remote jobs can be both a convenient and lucrative option. FlexJobs is a platform dedicated exclusively to helping people find remote work. It lists over 50 remote job categories, which range from part-time to full-time positions and from entry-level to executive positions. This site screens all job postings, so you don’t have to worry about any malicious transactions with employers. Digital marketers create marketing strategies that help organizations reach a broader audience and gain a greater online presence. To do this, they require knowledge in SEO, the use of social media platforms, and web development.

best career fields to get remote jobs

Some even strategize with companies to create entire social media campaigns. Though translation software is helpful, it leaves companies open to puzzling or embarrassing mistakes — a human touch is necessary to make sure the final product makes sense. To thrive in this field, employees need to speak more than one language and have excellent writing abilities. Workers in this position also help websites determine what types of writing, videos, and other materials to produce and promote.

You can be a freelance contributor or work as a full-time writer for an organization. As you search for a remote position, it’s also important to consider company culture and https://yoroshikulanka.lk/what-is-asynchronous-communication-plus-how-to/ whether a particular company feels like a cultural fit for you. Your ideal remote role will match up with your skills and interests in addition to being a good cultural fit.

This work is extremely flexible and can be done on your own schedule provided you meet the deadline for proofreading the document. Transcriptionists listen to voice recordings and convert them into documents. Medical and law offices use transcriptionists to type out dictated notes from doctors and lawyers. Most firms require an understanding what is a remote career of medical terms and practices or legal jargon. Beginning transcriptionists typically make about $13 per hour, but more experienced transcriptionists often make about $20 an hour. Website testers assess websites and web applications for quality and usability on multiple devices, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.