Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked Questions


Will I need to change my Switchboard?

No, HASHh’s Products are fully retrofittable, and portable, it goes above your existing switchboard and I may be installed within the switchboard with prior planning.

Will my existing Physical switches work?

Yes, Definitely all of your existing physical switches will work. In case of any automation failures, you can override automation with physical switches.

How will my products get updated?

 As long as our Products are connected to the internet, it receives update over the air. Whenever new capabilities, security enhancements, or bug fixes are made available your devices gets updated automatically.

Will I need to have Internet access to control Switches?

No. HASHh Devices works offline, you just need a Wi-Fi router where both the app and the device are connected to the same network. But if you want to control the device from outside the house, you need to have the internet on your phone and the home network 

What is the maximum load capacity of Smart Switches?

 The Maximum Load for all our Smart Switch  modules is 4000W/Channel.

What is the purpose of Quick Actions?

Quick Actions are like Timers on your mobile phone. If you want to switch on or switch off any load at any time you can easily create a Quick Action for that load.
Let’s say you want to switch off your TV every weekday at 11:00 PM,  you need to create a rule for the same. Rules can be created with a high degree of flexibility and across several parameters.

Is it possible to create the Quick Actions remotely?

Yes, of course! Even if you are not at home you can easily create and set up actions. But the router at your home should have internet.

Smart Switch

Will the Device works Without Internet ?

Yes You can Switch Offline Mode or the Application itself swithces to Offline Mode Automaticallly.

I cannot Turn off the Appliacnxes even Switch or via Cloud or via Offline Mode !

There may be an Serious issue with the load that you have connected to the relays in the device ( max load has been given to the device)

How to Check the Device is not Connected to Wi-Fi ?

When the device is not connected to Wi-Fi the Blue light Blinks Twice on the left side of the device !!!

  • Please check the Router is Turned on
  • Please check the Signal is in range


Which Android Version HASHh Connect Works?

HASHh Connect works with Android 6 .0 and Later Versions

IR Blaster

Device works internet only?

Yes, this Device needs internet to Operate remotely and locally?


Which Version of IOS Version will the HASHh Connect Works ?

HASHh COnnect works with IOS 8 and Later Versions .

Ambient Lightening

Device works internet only?

No, you have provision to control device in offline mode too.

Motor Starter

Does this Motor Starter works DOL Starters ?

Yes, you can integrate with the DOL Starters and You can use both Manually or automatically.

Door Window Sensor

Does the Door Sensor Locks the Door ?

No , It can sense only the Door open and close and sends an notifications to the users

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