For the longest time, “home automation” was used as a blanket term to describe any device that could eliminate the repetitive nature of household tasks.

Simply put, home automation makes living easy.

Due to recent developments, a more holistic definition has come forth:

According to smart home experts, “Home automation is the fusing together of next-generation hardware and software solutions to provide users with full control and flexibility to manage every aspect of their home in a way that best suits them”.

On a higher level, true smart home automation refers to the seamless integration of all things – connected, smart and self-operating devices that put total control of the entire home environment at the user’s fingertips.

This is referred to as “thoughtful” home automation and is the ultimate dream solution. For “thoughtful” home automation that works the way you want it to, custom installation is the only option. While off-the-shelf solutions offer pre-set options, custom installations allow homeowners to choose precisely which smart technologies they would like to install.